Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers assist Creativity for Peace by serving on committees, organizing projects with American youth, planning events, soliciting gifts-in-kind, and much more.
Summer Camp
During camp in New Mexico, volunteers are needed for the following types of tasks:
  • Camp set-up and take-down
  • Drivers to and from the Albuquerque airport
  • Meal preparation for campers and staff
  • Body workers for camp staff
  • Chaperones at camp and on outings
  • Laundry
Committee Work
Volunteers assist Creativity for Peace by serving on committees, including organizing the annual girls circle, event planning, soliciting gifts-in-kind and more.
Public Outreach
Volunteers can also help by:
  • Preparing mailings
  • Working at special events
  • Hosting a fundraising party
  • Assuming fundraising tasks

Volunteer Profile

Julia Jordan, Volunteer

Several years ago a friend introduced me to Creativity for Peace, telling me that volunteering there would be a life-enhancing experience. It wasn’t long before I received a call asking if I could pick up two campers at the airport. I agreed, but was apprehensive. What to say, what not to say? I was worried that we wouldn’t connect. Finally I made a sign, “Creativity for Peace,” and stood waiting with what I hoped was a welcoming smile.

Two very weary young women approached me, lugging suitcases and bags. One was older, a former camper returning as a Young Leader. The other, a first-time participant, felt quite ill. Once in the car she stretched out in the back seat and pulled her jacket over her head. I didn't know why she was sick but wondered how I would feel leaving my family and home, perhaps for the first time, and traveling to a faraway place for a three-week camp with young women I didn’t know, some who didn’t share my views on the conflict. I recognized in that young woman the bravery and determination to come thousands of miles for an opportunity to better understand their neighbors.

The Young Leader in the front seat came alive when we were on the highway. She talked excitedly about her experience as a camper and how she looked forward to reuniting with her Creativity for Peace friends. By the time we arrived at camp, she was bouncing on her seat and pointing out the open window at familiar sights. I understood how her experience with Creativity for Peace had transformed her into an enthusiastic peace advocate.

When we finally came to a stop this Young Leader raced to embrace her friends amid squeals of joy. The camper emerged from the back seat looking relieved and more hopeful. She was met with hugs, a promise of a good meal and a talk with her parents back home. I left with an understanding of the Creativity for Peace process of transformation from apprehension to advocate. Both young women would be fine and I was hooked.

My profession as a gerontologist in Mexico and Colombia gave me little chance to serve young people. In my retirement, Creativity for Peace has offered an opportunity that is a joy to me.

Our Volunteers

Creativity for Peace's work would not be possible without those individuals who donate their time and talents. More than 100 active volunteers, including teens, college students, and adults of all ages, help us to create a more peaceful future.
Castille Aguilar
Bob Alei
Jim Anhalt
Nadia Anhalt
Dena Aquilina
Sue Barnum
Jennie Baudhuin
Thomas Baudhuin
Joel Bennet
Lizzy Bentley
Paige Best
Leslie Boni
Sue Breslauer
Cynthia Broshi
Uzi Broshi
Nan Brown
Sherry Buchanan
John Burke
Beverley Byers-Pevitts
Donna Chamisa
Elizabeth Christine
Lexy Clement
Kathie Cole
Lisanne Cole
John Connell
Ann Coulston
Sharon Crayton
Maria Cruz
Terra David
Sarah Deats
Tess Degange
Glenn Dickter
Nayereh Doosti
Jackie Dullie
Elizabeth Dunham
Janet Eigner
Rob Elliott
Jess Embry
Debby Everett
Pat Farr
Lamia Faruki
Najwa Faruki
Wendi Fein
Larry Feldman
Stephanie Feldman
Karl Ferguson
Norm Flax
Francine Foster
Jennifer Fowler
Judy Frankel
Carla Freeman
Facundo Garcia
Concha Garcia Allen
Monica Gilboa
Roberta Glick
Dick Goldsmith
Sharon Gonzalez-Alei
Justine Gonzalez-Berg
Jade Gordon
Sophie Goulter
Marcelle Grant
Laurie Grob
Pam Grob
Deborah Grossman
Stephie Grow
Laurie Gunst
Teri Hackler
Barbara Hadley
Shari Hirst
Gloria Hocking
Sam Hocking
Jessie Hodges
Karen Hodges
Viktoria Hoi
Penny Holland
Annie Holley
Dora Horn
Julia Jordan
Hervey Juris
Joanna Kaufman
Rachel Kaufman
Elisa Keir
Jeanne Keir
Chris Kemper
Kay Kenton
Gurumittar Khalsa
Sue Khozein
Karen Koolpe
Mary Langdon
Deborah Lazovik Shaw
Beth LeBron
Candy Leffler
Ellen Lefkowitz
Sue Llewellyn
Holly Logan
Michele Logan
Molly Lott
Ellen Lowenburg
Ruth C. Luna
Elliott Maizels
Camila Marquez
Lynn McKelvey
Vic McNallie
Malka Michelson
David Mittle, Mesa Steel
Bruni Musikant
Schia Muterperl
Leslie Nathanson-Juris
Lucy Newman
Don Nolte
Linda Osborne
Manon Pierme
Rick Phillips
Rebekah Poynor
Nondas Puma
Holly Ratcliffe
Anne Raye
Susan Rodriguez
Ward Rodriguez
Susan Rooney
Veda Rosso
Lois Rudnick
Sally Rupert
Joshua Sage
Jean-Luc Salles
Connor Sauer
Robert Schutz
Alki Selinger
Suellen Shapero
Harold Shaw
Carol Shriver
Emma Simmons
Alicia Smith
Debra Snyderman
Ed Sorken
Sharon Sorken
Jimmie Spulecki
Elana Sue St. Pierre
Brooke Sutor
Meredith Tilp
Christine Vasquez
Ellie Voutselas
Leslie Walker-Hirsch
Jackie Walker
Joanne Wolfeld
Sharon Woods
Jim Wright
Toby Wright
Ellen Zieselman
Barbara Zuckerman

“It has been a remarkable experience to share time with other volunteers and staff and to observe the amazing work, courage, and tenacity of Creativity for Peace.”

Wendy Fein

Youth Volunteers and Interns


As an organization focused on empowering and training youth, we encourage the involvement of young people. High school and college students who are interested in peace and social justice work contribute in many ways:

  • A graduate student from Tucson helped to write and design a newsletter for camper alumnae.
  • A high school student from Santa Fe organized “Peaceworks” sessions, where volunteers created handmade gifts for campers.
  • A group of high school students from Santa Fe created an online fundraiser to support Young Leaders’ projects in the Middle East.
  • Students from MASTERS charter high school restored artworks made by young Palestinian and Israeli women that are installed on our camp land.


Each summer we select two interns who are college students, or recent college graduates, studying fields related to our work. These young people work closely with staff and volunteers to plan events, design newsletters, conduct research, and lend a hand at camp, among many other tasks, while learning valuable skills to further their careers. For information and an application for our summer internship program, click the links below. Applications for the summer program are due on May 1.
Internship Description Internship Application

Youth Volunteer Profile

Jessie Hodges, Youth Volunteer

I am a junior at Santa Fe Prep in Santa Fe. I first got involved as an eighth grader volunteering to collect images and quotes for Creativity for Peace’s facebook page. In the summer after my freshman year I participated in a Girls’ Circle and Chalk 4Peace and volunteered at the “Feast for Peace” event.

I’m currently the Peaceworks coordinator, organizing the creation of handmade gifts of appreciation for campers and Young Leaders. It’s been exciting for me to lead the activity in my community and to see the interest it has drawn. So far Santa Fe volunteers and I have made bottle-cap “peace” necklaces, glass magnets and our current project, note cards.

A great benefit of being involved with Creativity for Peace is making friends with the Israeli and Palestinian girls, all of whom are my age. I’m extremely proud of what these young women are doing to have an impact in our world. I’m also grateful for the opportunities that Creativity for Peace has given me, especially since I’ve been invited to take part in the leadership training here in Santa Fe.

I’m happy and excited about the role I’m playing and look forward to what’s next!