Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers assist Creativity for Peace by serving on committees, organizing projects with American youth, planning events, soliciting gifts-in-kind, and much more.
Summer Camp
During camp in New Mexico, volunteers are needed for the following types of tasks:
  • Camp set-up and take-down
  • Drivers to and from the Albuquerque airport
  • Meal preparation for campers and staff
  • Body workers for camp staff
  • Chaperones at camp and on outings
  • Laundry
Committee Work
Volunteers assist Creativity for Peace by serving on committees, including organizing the annual girls circle, event planning, soliciting gifts-in-kind and more.
Public Outreach
Volunteers can also help by:
  • Preparing mailings
  • Working at special events
  • Hosting a fundraising party
  • Assuming fundraising tasks

Volunteer Profile

Stephanie and Larry Feldman, Volunteers

Stephanie and Larry Feldman are retired teachers from New York City. Larry is an avid golfer and the couple volunteers for cultural institutions including the New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe Botanical Garden, and La Fonda on the Plaza.

"I have always felt a deep connection to the State of Israel. In my opinion, the only avenue to a lasting peace in the area is for both sides to compromise and make concessions that each side can live with. Every summer our Creativity for Peace campers learn how to co-exist with the "enemy" and many learn how to become ambassadors for peace. This is what inspires me to be actively involved as a volunteer with Creativity for Peace."
– Larry Feldman

"I think the only way for peace to exist in Israel and Palestine is by both sides learning about each other's daily lives and struggles. This is what Creativity for Peace does. By bringing girls together to share stories, they learn that they really aren't enemies -- just friends. The words ‘hate’ and ‘enemy’ are not part of my life because of these wonderful young women. We are all one people -- just human beings."
– Stephanie Feldman

Our Volunteers

Creativity for Peace's work would not be possible without those individuals who donate their time and talents. More than 100 active volunteers, including teens, college students, and adults of all ages, help us to create a more peaceful future.
Julia Abbiss
Javier Aceves
Castille Aguilar
Bethany Althouse
Jim Anhalt
Nadia Anhalt
Dena Aquilina
Sue Barnum
Jennie Baudhuin
Thomas Baudhuin
Lizzy Bentley
Elana Benton
Iris Berkowitz
Misty Blake
Rachel Bliven
Leslie Boni
Carol Boss
Cinna Boyle
Sue Breslauer
Cynthia Broshi
Uzi Broshi
Nan Brown
Sherry Buchanan
Beverley Byers-Pevitts
Giulia Caporuscio
Betty Carley
Elizabeth Christine
Lexy Clement
Lisanne Cole
Kathie Cole
Ann Coulston
Sharon Crayton
Maria Cruz
Bess Daunis
Sarah Deats
Tess Degange
Betty Lou Dent
Allegra Derryberry
Glenn Dickter
Nedra Difilippo
Linda Dillman
Jackie Dulle
Elizabeth Dunham
Rob Elliott
Jessica Embry
Emily Ennis
Rita Erickson
Debby Everett
Lamia Faruki
Najwa Faruki
Stephanie Feldman
Larry Feldman
Francine Foster
Judy Frankel
Carla Freeman
Concha Garcia Allen
Elan Gerzon
Monica Gilboa
Roberta Glick
Juli Golden
Dick Goldsmith
Brandon Gonzales
Jade Gordon
Marcelle Grant
Nona Lee Gregg
Julie Ann Grimm
Deborah Grossman
Steffie Grow
Laurie Gunst
Gregory Gutin
Teri Hackler
Barbara Hadley
Rita Hemmig
Jill Heppenheimer
Shari Hirst
Penny Holland
Dora Horn
Richard Hunter
Ann Hunter
Lyla June Johnston
Julia Jordan
Engracia Katsoufis
Rachel Kaufman
Jeanne Keir
Elisa Keir
Iris Keltz
Chris Kemper
Sandra King
Stephen Landau
Deborah Lazovik Shaw
Beth LeBron
Candy Leffler
Judith Lehman
Maria Levy
Sue Llewellyn
Holly Holly
Raquel Lopez
Aileen Lopez
Ellen Lowenburg
Caroline MacPhee
Julie Maizels
Elliott Maizels
Susan McGrew
Erin McKeever
Lynn McKelvey
Vic McNallie
Jane Messinger
David Mittle
Liliana Morales
Sophia Morales
Bruni Musikant
Leslie Nathanson-Juris
Barbara O'Connor
Victoria Otero
Rick Phillips
Poki Plottin
Rebekah Poynor
Dominique Pozo
Ruth Rael
Belen Ramirez
Holly Ratcliffe
Anne Raye
Jessica Reeves
Angie Restrepo
Heather Robertson
Janet Rosenzwog
Veda Rosso
Diane Roybal
Robert Roybal
Lois Rudnick
Sally Rupert
Joshua Sage
Lucia Santini
Suzie Sattell
Connor Sauer
Laurie Schnitzer
Robert Schutz
Jane Schwartz
Alki Selinger
Suellen Shapero
Harold Shaw
Carol Shriver
Christine Siegrist
Emma Simmons
Alicia Smith
Debra Snyderman
Jimmie Spulecki
Elana Sue St Pierre
Susan Staples
Brooke Sutor
Lee Thompson
Valerie Valentine
Christine Vasquez
Ellie Voutselas
Jacki Walker
Richard Weinburg
Elaine Woldorsky
Joanne Wolfeld
Jim Wright
Rachel Zelizer
Ellen Zieselman

“My work with Creativity for Peace has changed my life and greatly challenged me to grow into a more nonviolent, open person.”

Sue Barnum

Youth Volunteers and Interns


As an organization focused on empowering and training youth, we encourage the involvement of young people. High school and college students who are interested in peace and social justice work contribute in many ways:

  • A graduate student from Tucson helped to write and design a newsletter for camper alumnae.
  • A high school student from Santa Fe organized “Peaceworks” sessions, where volunteers created handmade gifts for campers.
  • A group of high school students from Santa Fe created an online fundraiser to support Young Leaders’ projects in the Middle East.
  • Students from MASTERS charter high school restored artworks made by young Palestinian and Israeli women that are installed on our camp land.


Each summer we select two interns who are college students, or recent college graduates, studying fields related to our work. These young people work closely with staff and volunteers to plan events, design newsletters, conduct research, and lend a hand at camp, among many other tasks, while learning valuable skills to further their careers. For information and an application for our summer internship program, click the links below. Applications for the summer program are due on May 1.
Internship Description Internship Application

Youth Volunteer Profile

Jessica Embry and Rachel Zelizer

Jessica Embry and Rachel Zelizer have participated in our activities over the years and are now giving back by coordinating our Peace Ambassadors program.

Jessica was born in Las Cruces. She is 17, a senior at Capital High School, and a volunteer with organizations such as Quivira Coalition, Santa Fe Watershed Association, and United Blood Services. Jess is an accomplished weightlifter: she has won four national medals and was twice a member of the Youth World Team. She has been honored for her accomplishments with awards from Yale Youth Leadership, Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service, and Rotary Youth Leadership.

Rachel was born in Taos. She is 16 and a junior at Monte del Sol Charter School. In addition to her work with Creativity for Peace, she is involved in Model United Nations and National Honors Society. She participated in the New Mexico Human Rights Project's group in Model International Criminal Court and is currently a semifinalist for CBYX, a German exchange program.

"I have had the privilege to work with Creativity for Peace for the last three years. I knew very little about the Middle East and the conflicts between Israel and Palestine but through the activities that I took part in with girls from Israel and Palestine I came to realize that people living in conflict do not embody the conflict. They have no malice in their hearts; they are normal people just like you and me. I fell in love with the people at Creativity for Peace and the stories they share. I am very honored and proud to be co-leading the 2017 Peace Ambassador program with Rachel Zelizer. I have learned a lot about myself and conflict resolution through my time with Creativity for Peace."
Jessica Embry

"In 2015 I took part in a Transforming Conflict workshop led by Young Leaders from Israel and Palestine and was amazed by how much I learned, both about Israeli and Palestinian culture and about conflict resolution. The Young Leaders were so inspiring to me! Their courage and dedication to peacemaking encouraged me to do more in my own community. I am so grateful to Creativity for Peace for all they have taught me about conflict resolution and Israelis and Palestinians, especially at such a tumultuous time. I am so excited about my upcoming projects!"
Rachel Zelizer